About us

Ron Beernink

Website Developer

My daytime job is an Enterprise Architect, which means that I help to ensure that businesses implement solutions that meet their immediate needs, but are also sustainable, and benefit the organisation as a whole. I do website development as secondary job. I am able to apply my architecture skills for this, but its a nice opportunity to be more hands-on in doing development. Not that enjoy doing coding! In fact, I believe that websites should involve as little coding as possible. Instead I enjoy building a website by leveraging what other people have coded, which is why am I great fan of Open Source developed solutions like Drupal, which has a fantastic community of coders. Which means that I can help you to easily put a website together with all the necessary functionality and look & feel.

Glenda McCallum


I love talking, and listening. They're a powerful combination. I like to talk with friends, colleagues, people I don't know, people from other cultures... I like to find out what makes people tick. And I love writing. Good design is also really interesting. That's why communications is the backbone of my work. I have moved from teaching to journalism and public relations and have worked for unions, non-for-profit organisations, government and the private sector.

It's great to have a portfolio of work. It provides variety and each in its own way is creating something - whether it's a website, a publication, a process or a social marketing campaign. My current portfolio includes a social research company, two or three NGOs, and a government agency . I enjoy the challenge of helping people and organisations work out what they want to say and how best to say it.

Something curious I have realised is that I am drawn to the space between chaos and structure - working out how to stay organic and responsive while also making things happen and being able to measure change and progress. It's not an easy or comfortable place for me but it attracts me anyway. I increasingly thing that when we tap into our creativity we access a powerful source for problem solving and change. I will provide a link to my friend Irena Stenner's website on this very topic when it goes live in a week or two.